Global Content & Analytics

Gain a competitive edge with GCA and increase your analytical capabilities.

Managed service platform for historical content & analytics.

Global Content & Analytics (GCA) is an end-to-end service hosted in the AWS cloud, offering access to raw ticks and analytic functionalities across multiple-asset
classes sourced from multiple vendors.

  • Provides Customer Support and 24/7 infrastructure and application monitoring
  • Cleansing and normalization of content from any asset class or vendor

Product Features

  • Fully-managed, AWS database infrastructure that provides access to cleansed and normalized multi-asset class global market data content sourced from multiple vendors and trade venues.
  • Allows clients to offload the effort and costs associated with maintaining in-house database infrastructures while offering expanded coverage and enhanced functionality.
  • Access for existing vendor data subscriptions and the ability to rapidly broaden market coverage across new asset classes or new vendor content.
  • Access from: R, q, JAVA, .NET, Excel, ODBC, JBDC, C++, Dashboard.
  • Lower marginal and total operating costs for time series data.

Data Ingestion

Current Analytic Capabilities 

  • Align quotes and trades at time of trade
  • Adjusted or Unadjusted Corp Actions with Include/Exclude Qualifier
  • AssocSymbols – Securities that are historically associated
  • Correlate - Returns correlation coefficient for columns in separate tables
  • Daily/Weekly O/H/L/C/B&O on price/volume
  • Dark/Lit Filter - Returns a table of isolated dark or lit tradesHistorical volumes using variable time window
  • Minute Bars – aggregated O/H/L/C/V provided in variable timeframes
  • Moving average of closing price over specified time period
  • Price Volatility – annualized historical volatility
  • Sample Time Series – forward filled values for sparsely populated results
  • SymMap – results in all identifiers for a given security
  • Time Zone Conversion for DST and global timezone conversions

Global Content & Analytics


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