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Order Historical Data Products*

For end users only. Distributors wishing to order products should contact TMX Datalinx via the TMX Datalinx Contact Us form.

* To order Index Products, reach out to Datalinx via our Webstore Contact Us form or email

To order historical market data products, you must complete and submit the appropriate order forms for Ad Hoc Product Purchases.

Product Subscriptions and Custom Queries

Product subscriptions refer to subscriptions to the ongoing delivery of data products or services, or products that are subject to special license terms, including downloading custom queries or standard products directly from TMX Historical Market Data Online.

Note: All subscription product items are clearly labeled "subscription" in bold in the Pricing section of the individual product details page. Many of these products are also available for ad hoc product purchase. Ad hoc purchases are not currently available for online purchase.

  • To subscribe to historical market data products

    Complete and submit the applicable subscription order forms, as indicated in the steps below. You will be issued a monthly invoice for payment after the subscription has started.

    Please navigate to our TMX Datalinx Webstore and browse our Products catalog.
    Add products to your cart and initiate purchase via DataBP. (Note if you have not registered for the TMX Webstore, you will be prompted to create an Okta account. Click here to learn more about Okta and Single Sign On.)

    You will then be brought to the Datalinx Client Portal for completion of the following:

    1. Complete the digital Exhibit A
    2. Sign the Market Data Services Agreement (only for first time purchase)
    3. Provide billing details for invoicing
    4. TMX Datalinx will then review your purchase order for approval

Ad Hoc Product Purchases

Ad hoc product purchases refer to one-time (non-subscription) purchases of products to be delivered only once, not on an ongoing basis, and that are not subject to a departmental license.

Note: All ad hoc product purchase items are clearly labeled "ad hoc purchase" in bold in the Pricing section of the individual product details page. Many of these products are also available for subscription purchase.

  • To make ad hoc product purchases

    Complete and submit the order form, as indicated in the steps below. You must pay for ad hoc purchases in advance by credit card - please ensure that all credit card details are complete on the ad hoc purchases order form.

    1. Complete Order Form

      Print, complete and sign the applicable TMX or MX ad hoc purchase order form.

      If you have any questions, please contact TMX Datalinx via the TMX Datalinx Contact Us form or email

    2. Submit Order Form

      Scan and email the completed and signed order form to TMX Datalinx at