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Regulatory Filing & Depository Data Products

The following Canadian corporate actions, security reference data, and regulatory filings products are provided by CDS Innovations Inc. (a subsidiary of The Canadian Depository for Securities Limited).

Fixed Income Price Service (FIPS)

Provides subscribers with an end of day report detailing Canadian fixed income trades reported to CDS Clearing and Depository Services Inc. FIPS reports trades on all Canadian fixed income federal, provincial, municipal and corporate securities that are eligible for deposit at CDS Clearing and Depository Services Inc.

Fixed Income Terms and Conditions (FITC) Service

FITC provides expansive and timely debt instrument terms and conditions reference data and source documents for CDSX-eligible fixed income securities, such as corporate bonds and asset-backed securities through daily/weekly/monthly file updates.

CDSX Security Master File

Provides comprehensive and timely reference data for CDSX-eligible securities through a database of current securities and a daily/weekly/monthly file of updates.

CDSX Entitlements

A daily file providing details of all entitlement events, including comprehensive corporate action information for Canadian equity and debt securities.

CDS Enhanced Bulletins

Online web service that provides comprehensive coverage on corporate actions for Canadian equity and debt securities, appending original issuer electronic documents filed in SEDAR, if available.

CDS Advisory Bulletins

The Advisory Bulletins service provides issuers an additional facility to communicate extraordinary details related to pending, ongoing or completed entitlements and corporate actions.

CDS Professional Services

CDS Innovations offers professional services to CDS Participants, issuers of securities eligible for deposit with CDS, and other market participants.

CDS Special Handling

CDS may offer CDS Participants and issuers custom services if a Participant or issuer requires CDS to process securities transactions in a manner that does not conform to documented functionality, procedure and agreements.

Strip Bond Reports

Consists of four reports providing listings details and statistics for the Canadian strip bond market.

CDS Enhanced Regulatory Filings Documents

Enhanced CDS Regulatory Filings Documents is a comprehensive source for Canadian public company and investment fund regulatory documents filed with Canadian securities regulators in SEDAR (System for Electronic Document Analysis and Retrieval).

Shareholder Meetings

CDS Clearing compiles and summarizes information on shareholder meetings and record dates gathered from a variety of sources.

Tax Reporting

CDS Innovations' taxation information services provide access to tax breakdown information on Mutual Fund and Limited Partnership income distributions plus dividend eligibility designation information on other Canadian companies.