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Real-time Data

Access data from Canada's leading public equities markets and the largest source of liquidity and pricing for Canadian securities.

Toronto Stock Exchange
Montréal Exchange
TSX Venture Exchange
TSX Alpha Exchange

About the TMX Exchanges

of the time at top-of-book for companies in S&P/TSX 60
of the time at top-of-book for companies in S&P/TSX Composite
of all trading on TSX and TSXV originates outside of Canada
of Canadian derivative trading happens on the MX

TMX offers a variety of real-time data products to access our equity and derivative marketplaces for price discovery and to drive strategies, decisions and performance optimization.

How to Get Access

Available as subscription in a variety of formats.


Direct data access
Direct from source data is reliable, accurate and timely, helping you make better-informed trading decisions in real-time
Comprehensive data points
A wide suite of information enables you to generate more insights to ensure you’re trading with a clear and complete picture
Ease of use
Data is only as good as how usable it is, and TMX Datalinx is designed with investors’ needs in mind, first and foremost
Access Premiere Canadian Capital Markets
Including TSX, TSX Venture, TSX Alpha and MX.

Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX) Real-time Data

Access real-time pricing and liquidity data from the country’s largest senior market. TSX is home to more than 1,500 listed companies from Canada, North America, and around the world across a diverse array of industries.

TSX Venture Exchange (TSXV) Real-time Data

Tap into detailed and current data on the world's leading public venture marketplace for early-stage companies across sectors including natural resources, technology, clean technology, renewable energy, financial services, life sciences, and more.

TSX Alpha (TSXA) Real-time Data

See real-time data on active retail and institutional orders for securities listed on TSX and TSXV that have been directed to Alpha due to its unique characteristics. To provide greater execution sizes for active order flow, a randomized order processing delay of between 1 and 3 milliseconds is imposed on all orders that have the potential to take liquidity. This delay is imperceptible to most participants and is intended to discourage opportunistic liquidity taking strategies, thereby creating an environment where liquidity can be provided with greater confidence.

Montréal Exchange (MX)

The Montreal Exchange is the only financial derivatives exchange in Canada. Power your trading with data on equity options, ETF options, currency options (options on the US dollar), index derivatives, interest rate derivatives (bond and money markets), and energy derivatives.

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