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TMX Datalinx
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Access real-time, historical and other data products and services for Canadian Capital Markets.

Toronto Stock Exchange
Montréal Exchange
TSX Venture Exchange
TSX Alpha Exchange

Data Products

The authoritative source of financial market data generated by various participants in the Canadian capital markets including Toronto Stock, Venture, Alpha, and Montreal Exchanges. Access this rich data source through an approved vendor or working with us.

TMX Datalinx is the Information Service division of TMX Group Limited.

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TMX Datalinx Services

Through the TMX Datalinx Client portal, customers can look up information on billing accounts and invoices, and make credit card payments.

TMX Datalinx Xpress Program is designed to ensure that the administration of the prior approval, contracts, entitlements, reporting, and billing are all completed as effortlessly as possible.

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Single Source Access to Canadian Capital Market Data

+ Clearing Data for All Canadian Capital Markets
Toronto Stock Exchange
TSX Venture Exchange
Montréal Exchange
TSX Alpha Exchange
Canadian Depository for Securities
Canadian Derivatives Clearing Corporation

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Real-time Data

Access data from Canada's leading public equities markets and the largest source of liquidity and pricing for Canadian securities.


Historical Data

Harness the power of historical data from the Toronto Stock Exchange, the TSX Venture Exchange, TSX Alpha Exchange, and the Montreal Exchange.



A comprehensive suite of S&P/TSX Index product packages which provide investable indices for the Canadian equity markets, international global mining, and preferred share markets.


CDS Innovations & CDCC

CDS Innovations and CDCC are the premier source of information on Canadian securities and are ideally positioned to develop and deliver new solutions that meet market demand for securities data and related services.


TMX Information Processor (IP)

World Class technology providing a central source of consolidated Canadian Equity market data.


Global Content

TMX joins forces with third parties to offer an array of additional products and services, delivering comprehensive coverage on Canadian capital markets.



Unmatched opportunity to maximize trading strategies through low-latency access to the largest equity and derivative market places in Canada.


ESG Products

Explore the myriad of ESG products available to trade on TSX, TSX Venture and Montréal Exchange.


Explore TMX Datalinx Services

TMX Datalinx Client Portal

A platform to access and manage all of your TMX Datalinx statements and invoices, and also make credit card payments directly to your account.


TMX Datalinx Xpress Program

Designed to ensure that the clients and TMX Datalinx have a common ongoing understanding around datafeed usage, pricing and policies.


TMX Webstore

Explore all available data products for the TSX, TSXV, Alpha, MX, CDS, and CDCC.

TMX Webstore

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