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Historical Data

Harness the power of historical data from the Toronto Stock Exchange, the TSX Venture Exchange, TSX Alpha, and the Montreal Exchange.

Toronto Stock Exchange
Montréal Exchange
TSX Venture Exchange
TSX Alpha Exchange

The need for current and accurate data has never been more prevalent than in today's financial marketplace. The ever increasing trend of technology based trading and processing along with the increasing cost of errors, particularly in today's economic climate have all exacerbated the need for quality data.

What better place is there to fill your data needs than directly from the primary source? TMX offers historical equity market data from the TSX, TSX Venture and Alpha exchanges and historical derivative data from the Montreal exchange.

Available information includes daily trades and quotes, Security Master and Reference data, Dividends, Splits and related Capital Change information, as well as market activity summaries such as market share information by symbol and by broker.

Historical Coverage Since:

Equity Index Levels
Index Stock data
Index Stock prices

Common Use Cases

  • To help identify trading and investment opportunities
  • To help develop algorithmic trading strategies
  • For authoritative pricing data for portfolio valuation and benchmarking
  • To get essential end of day trading information for portfolio systems management

TMX Datalinx Historical Data Products are used for:

  • Investor Strategy
  • Pricing
  • Compliance
  • Research
  • Clearing and Settlement
  • Analysis

How to Get Access

Available as subscription or ad hoc via SFTP.

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Direct from source data is reliable, accurate, and timely
Comprehensive data points
Easy to use formats
Multiple delivery channel
Access over
Historical Data Products.
Including corporate reference & actions data, historical trading data, and electronic publications.

Corporate Reference Data

Canadian Corporate Reference Data

TMX Datalinx is pleased to offer a suite of corporate reference data products. These products provide company and security descriptive and/or identification information.

Corporate Actions Data

Timely Corporate Actions Data to Keep You In The Know

These products provide details of company and security changes that may affect the value of a company and its securities. From dividends and earnings, to issued capital and listings changes, to new financings, our data products provide comprehensive corporate action coverage. The suite of corporate actions products includes:

Electronic Publications

Comprehensive Canadian markets and corporate data

Access convenient electronic publications for all your analysis and historical data archival needs.

Historical Market Data Online - Custom Queries

Quick and easy retrieval of comprehensive Toronto Stock Exchange and TSX Venture Exchange historical market data

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Explore all available data products for the TSX, TSXV, TSX Alpha & MX

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